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It doesn't take a rocket scientist nor an arm chair GM operating in his Mom's basement much to understand that the Leafs will make the play-offs this year.

How you might ask?

The Leafs defense on paper is second to no one in the east and is top 3 in the west.

Their goaltending has youth and depth with proven performers as Joey MacDonald, Gustavvson and Toskala who might be trade bait in December.

With specialists in shot blocking as Komisarek, Finger, Beauchemin, Schenn all under the age of 30 include Exelby in that role also and you begin to see that not only are the shots against dropping but so are the goals against.

Then add to the mix the fact all these guys will check, check, and check and fight who it might be on any given night is up in the air but it's the fact that all these guys on D can answer the bell. That alone will make it a little easier for guys like Grabovski, Kulemin, Tlusty, Hagman to find time and space and those guys could all be gettting 30 goals each with the added space and courage.

That offense that some have called "POP" was top 10 or so in offense last year give them a little more space another year to develop and give a little more courage and all of sudden the GA could be one of the lowest in the NHL and the goals for staying at least at par with last year and you can see the picture. It's not a dream, it's not just BS in the pasture.

Think about it conservatively

Hagman, Blake, Grabovski can all get 30 goals each,
Kulemin, Stajan, Ponikarovski can all get 25 goals each,

Bozak, Hanson, J.Mitchell 10 goals each
Primeau, Orr, Mayers 15 goals combined
on D add another 50 goals lead by VanRyan and Kabby and you have a gran total of 260 goals a slight improvement from last years 250 goals then you begin to see why I know they will not only make the play-offs but they will beat the sh!t out of the competition while doing it. No more third period melt downs, no more leafs squandered no more Graboski getting tormented by the opposition no more guys being checked through the glass.

Above all no more nay sayers in the blogosphere that on one side the Leafs don't draft and develop and on the other side they are perpetually bad. If you can't see what Burke has done then you have no business in hockey because those of us who have played at least major junior ice hockey know that solid two way play with an emphasis on defense and a defense that will beat the opposition each and every night will make you a team with an identity and consistently a winner!
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I agree the leafs will be ten times better than last year, will they make the playoffs......... very likley! But I still feel it's a matter of patience; not only with thier young squad, but also with all the cap room going into next Jul 1st. There is no question the Leafs will grow stronger, but this year will be more for development. Stand back and watch it happen.
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Leafs will be better... but not enough to get into the playoffs. East improved more then the west, Lightning, (possibly sens depending who they get for heatley). Only teams I can see stumbling would be the Habs and Rangers. Habs more likely to drop, but at least unlike the Leafs the Habs can score goals...
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Good post! There will be marked improvement and lets not forget that the Devils never had a loot of fire power, just a great defense and a hall of fame goalie. This team should crack the top 6 in the east
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Leafs finish somewhere btw 6-10, they are much better than last year but so much depends on chemistry as those who have played major junior know often that is the biggest factor and the continual development of scoring forwards; Grabo, Kuley, Tlutsy, and others wouldn't hurt
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That being said, the East and West are both tight and 7th to 10th every year is battle down to the last couple of games and the Leafs will be among those teams battling for 2 spots. We'll see what happens!
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top 6?no way there is a chance if all the cylinders are firing all year we could make the playoffs it will come down to goaltending oh and if Gustavvson beats tosk out of a job come trade deadline his trade value will be nothingi dont think anyone will get 30 goals but i hope we get a few 20 goal scores
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Slipfrawg...the Leafs scored more goals than the Habs last year (albeit only by one). Everyone thinks the Leafs are so horrible offensively when they aren't. The Leafs haven't improved offensively this offseason, but I don't really think the Habs have either.
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Dude. Telling people that if they disagree with you, they must not know anything about hockey is a great way to become a criticism lightning rod.
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This team is going to be in tough to get the 8th seed. There's no proven goal scorers and the retooled defence is overrated. Having a bunch of guys who can't handle the puck whatsoever like Komisarek, Exelby and, to a lesser extent, Jeff Finger is going to be a detriment to this vaunted offensive game that everyone keeps boosting. Everyone keeps forgetting that the majority of these goals were scored at the beginning of the year and the offense tailed off badly after the trade of Antropov and Moore.
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I agree that it'll be a tight race for the playoffs. I think the East will end up more like the West this year where spots 5 - 10 are separated by just a few points.Also, I really think Stajan won't be netting 25 goals, nor will Kulemin. Poni is capable of achieving this however.
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A good read. Definatley the glass is half full with this guy. The leafs will be hard pressed to score 200 goals this year with their new re tooled D. I know I'm looking forward to watching them hurt alot of people this season while losing all year. Finally the Leafs will be worthy of being TSN's main feature all day everyday. Should be entertaining anyways for a change.
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Unless PK and PP numbers improve they will be hard pressed to get in the playoffs. 5 on 5 I am not worried about this team scoring, but PP scoring is needed and we haven't had an elite PP since Sundin, Mogilny, Tucker, McCabe, Kaberle.
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People are starting to become too critical of this D. Kubina wasn't an elite puckmover(elite shot). They are better back there and in goal so even though it's popular to rag on the D they will provide overall better performances this season
August 19, 2009 2:41 PM ET | Delete
What colour is the sky in Leaf Land??Grabovski, Kulemin, Tlusty, Hagman with 30 goals?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI'll eat my shirt if that happens. True, the D is Solid, goaltending suspect, and scoring, well lets just say, what scoring?
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To my recollection there is only 1 team in the NHL who had 6 players who had 25 goals last year, that team was Philly. Detroit, San Jose, and even Boston didn't have 6 25 scorers. So seeing how Toronto who last year had 1 player with 25 and 4 with 20 . So i doubt they will have 3 at 30 and 6 at 25 . I too will eat my own shirt if this comes true. Toronto will be in a battle to finish in the top 10.
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And then you woke up
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you lost me at the part were you said the leafs D was going to put up 50 goals and then you lost me even more when you said van ryn was going to lead that charge, our D is capable of combined 50pts but not a combined total of 50 goals lol
August 20, 2009 2:05 PM ET | Delete
8-10 from Kaberle, 5-8 from a relatively healthy Van Ryn, 8-12 from Beauchemin and 5-10 from White... not much else coming from the blueline...
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