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Cote Carnival 2009

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Today the second annual Cote Carnival was held at the Swanky Bubbles Champagne Bar to Benefit MS.

The day began with a long line in the smoldering sun leaving many Flyers fans hot and sweaty. When the doors opened Riley Cote was waiting to greet the fans after they walked in. Things like that truly show how outstanding Cote is with Player-Fan relations. He is by far the most approachable player on the team.

After buying the official Cote Carnival t-shirts it was time to listen to the band, Split Decision. The band did all cover songs, such as, "All Summer Long, " by Kid Rock and "Mr. Brightside," by The Killers. They were very fun and animated in their performance. Dancing to their music was A LOT of fun!

Then there was the Game Room. In this room there was a Wii and Xbox to play Guitar Hero and Wii sports. The games were great for the children who were occupying the room for much of the afternoon.

Once the players were done with the Autograph line they came out and took pictures with the fans and even signed more autographs. Myself and my friends got our pictures with Mike Ratchuk, James van Riemsdyk, Ray Emery, Danny Briere, Arron Asham, Jaime Cote, Riley Cote, and Holly Cote. All players involved were fabulous with their fan interaction which created a great time for everyone.

For me, the highlight of the day was to finally meet Michael Barkann, host of Daily News Live on Comcast Sportsnet. Barkann has been my idol ever since I decided I wanted to get into Sports Jounalism. Through out Middle school and High school I watched DNL religiously. Because I have spoken to Barkann a few times via e-mail and Facebook he knew who I was right away. We had a good ten minute conversation and it was fabulous! He was a sweetheart and it was great to talk to someone successful in the field I want to go into.

Major props to all people involved in the Cote Carnival. To the Flyers & Phantoms players, The Cote Family, Friends & family in attendance, and the staff of Swanky Bubbles. This years carnival was a success! Cheers all around! :D
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