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"Derek martineau's look into oil country"
Edmonton, AB • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
First off i believe one hundred percent that those who were angered and offended by the beers, and the stogies are just upset they're great american team ran into a canadian squad destined for greatness. It seems like having lost the last three onlympics has soured the fans of the womens olympic squad. this is canada and here we celebrate wins, births, weddings, graduations, and last but not least gold medals with beers. I find it quite hilarious that those whose lose find nothing better to do than find something that is offensive or down right wrong. seriously???? Matthew Barry the blogger for the kings found himself extremely offended by they're celebrating, soo offended that he would point out that the best player in the tournament (Marie-Philip Poulin) was underage and consuming alcohol, and that she should not have been drinking and that it was illegal. Are you for real? come on....... In the United States people aged 12-20 drink 11% of alcohol consumed.
A survey taken among those in high school came up with these stats.
45% drank some amount of alcohol.
26% binge drank.
11% drove after drinking alcohol.
29% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol
So i leave this with a url for you to listen to.
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