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Shots on goal

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While watching the Vancouver Canucks Vs. Detroit Red Wings game i noticed something, by the end of the second period the score was 2-1 for the canucks but yet the the shots were 28-16 for the Red Wings. Now some might have a different opinion on the matter but to me it didn't seem like bobby luo was that busy, the canucks seemed to dominate the first two periods of play in that game, they were hard on the puck, got into the detroit end with ease and were able to hold the zone. After two periods and chasing Chris Osgood from the net in the first after surrendering two goals on four shots Jimmy Howard stepped in and played an overall solid game, he made some tough saves when he needed to, to keep the wings in the game. His coach agreed saying
"I thought Howie did a good job," Babcock said
. (Babcock also stated that Howard will be getting another start on Thursday) And I think that's where it is, i think that because for the first two periods of hockey the canucks scoring chances where coming from good areas and from on the power play. The red wings it seemed, liked to shoot the puck from the points with no traffic in front of the net (unless Thomas Holmstrom was on the ice) they shot a lot at Luongo but he could see everything that was coming his way and didn't need to move much.

Well head coach Mike Babcock must have noticed because they came out flying in the third, they were passing the puck in the canucks end and making the goalie move. Now having a guy like Holmstrom in front of the net helps of course, oh and the penalties that Vancouver took also gave the red wings a boost who were able to capitalize when they needed to. Which made the third period fun to watch with six goal, four of them coming from the comeback red wings and two from there star player Pavel Datsyuk.

My point is, is that for the first two periods the canucks were able to get and keep the lead not because they shot the most pucks at the net but because they were able to contain a offensively talented red wings to making point shots that were easy to see and not taking to stupid penalties. Also because when they shot the puck they moved it around successfully in the red wings zone giving them better chances to score and also making it seem like they had the momentum in the game.

Though the canucks fell apart in the third by letting the red wings dominate on the power play and not getting there sticks in lanes and stopping there passes, i think they can look at the first two periods as a positive to bad for them two good periods of hockey and a third playing catch up doesn't win you hockey games.
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