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I'm looking to do a 2000+ word Historical Investigation on the 1972 Summit Series and its influence on Canadian Nationalism/The Cold War. Does anyone know of any good novels or essays or any historical information on the Summit Series? Interviews especially welcome. I know the basics but I wasn't alive at the time, so I need some first hand information.

Also: If anyone would like to describe the atmosphere in Canada at the time/participate in an interview about it, please PM me. This is worth 30% of my mark so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton for helping out, having a collection of hockey minds in one place truly is a blessing
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I am seeing to do a 2000 Historical Review in the year 1972 National Conventions and its influence on the Canadian Army / Cold War. I can have college essay writing service reviews. Does anyone know of any good magazines or essays or any historical information on Summit Forums? Interviews are essentially welcome.
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