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So say it with me Wild Fans. Let's Play Hockey!!!!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year.......(sing it). It even feels like Christmas with snow on the ground. God seems to have extended winter in honor of the Wild's post-season birth.

The playoffs are finally here and the Wild are back! Memories of 4 years ago still dancing in our heads as fans. But, in a way, it really is too bad that we had that wonderful run to the Conference Final. Why? Because, in our 6th year as a franchise, we are where we should be at (sorry Columbus). If it was our first time to the dance, who would complain about an early exit, not that we are necessarily going to see that. But if that happened, in our first playoff run, 6 years into our history, not many people would be unhappy. But we here in the State of Hockey have raised the bar for our still young franchise by virtue of blowing up the Avs and the 'Nucks the first time around. Now it's different. We expect more as fans and I don't know that that is necessarily fair to our squad. I think we can play with the Ducks and even beat them, but all cylinders must be clicking. The Ducks are in their 12th year as an NHL franchise and have now for the 1st time won their Division. They have the benefit of experience, more drafts and picks, and more trades. All said though, I believe the Wild are way ahead of the curve for an expansion franchise given the owners' picking of Risebrough and Lemaire. While their blue print called for playoff experience this year, we the fans have a different blue print: a trophy case for Williams M. Jennings, Clarence S. Campbell, Conn Smythe and Lord Stanley.

So whether we get where the fans are going or where management are going or somewhere in between, today is as good as it gets. All the articles are written, the prognosticators have made their picks, and the fans are waiting to prime the pump for the opening face off dreaming of our guys skating laps with the most coveted trophy in sports, the Stanley Cup. First team to 16 wins. May the best "team" win. All that's left is to play the games.

Wild fans, one more time: "It's time to drop the puck. So say it with me: LET'S PLAY HOCKEY!!!!!!!"

GO WILD ----- KABOOM (got another one)
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April 11, 2007 9:35 AM ET | Delete
I think the Ducks are a dead-even matchup. This should be great. Can't wait for puck drop!
April 11, 2007 9:37 AM ET | Delete
This run should be dedicated to the memory of Zholtok
April 11, 2007 9:37 AM ET | Delete
I won't argue with that. :)
April 24, 2007 4:47 PM ET | Delete
how nice is it that the wild are gone from the playoffs.....ahhhhhhhhhhh
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