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Flames opening line up?

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We got a pretty good feel for what the flames will look like come Thursday

Glencross-Mayer-for the moment Jackman

When was the last time Calgary actually had a legitimate looking to 6? Throw in a healthy Stajan and kotalik and its actually a pretty solid looking top 9. With a bottom 5 of Mayers, Sutter, Ivanans Jackman, and Stone when he's healthy.

gio-(heres where we get to the question marks)
Brodie has looked like he can play at an NHL level, I think he'd be a good choice to make the team and if he falters be sent down.
and one or two of pelech pardy and sarich will be traded.

I think a trade will be going down this week as everyone knows the forwards are dropping like flyes.

Depending upon the severity of injury to Kotalik and Moss, my guess for the discussions with the Iyles would be about Blake Comeau, won a WJC for Brent good two way 3rd line forward potential 40 point guy. Good replacement for Kotalik, and young so he'd still be good long term.

Assigned to the minors off the bat, Rheault going down, but should be the first top six call up.

Cunning and Armstrong could also be kept around as extra bodies (depending on trades and injuries)
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