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"Who's going to break the Leafs lineup this year?"
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The Burke Effect

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With what I have read and heard of Burke's intentions,

It's clear the team will be allowed to do a free fall this year in that process we're going to see some guys traded for prospects and young roster players. Here's who I see gone sometime this year(not because I don't like them but because a new manger will put their own identity on this team;

Toskala - Grade A Roster and draft pick at trade deadline- He will be moved.

3.5 million

Kubina, Kaberle are two Grade A puck moving defensemen and will command an excellent return for the asset in each case a high draft pick or a good young roster player remeber that these two guys amount to almost 9 million a year and what your going to get back may be multiple players or high draft picks because as teams get more desparate at the trade deadline. They will be moved.

9.5 million

Andrpov is loosing value fast and I would have traded him last year when the asset was at it's highest value and I didn't need hind sight to garner that opinion. Draft picks will be the order of the day with him and he will be moved.

2.2 million

Poni will be moved for the mere fact that he doesn't know how to play with a fire up his butt he needed Holik last year to knock out some chicklets and in so doing knock some sense into him but after just that one game he went back to sleep, move him because he is typical of the Leafs culture of the last 3 years. Draft pick or a young roster player.

2.25 million

Hollweg, Blake should be put on waivers and sent down to the minors and if some team thinks there is value then do the trade otherwise just let them finish off their contract there that another 5.5 million per year.

Schenn, Finger, White, Frogren, Stralman will stay with a proven veteran added at a later date.

Hagman is a great two way hockey player with an offensive upside and will stay.

Moore has the same profile but has family history with Burke so while he should stay I think he will be moved because of the potential distraction.

Stajan is rounding into form and I think he is the real deal and the Leafs should continue to develop him into the first line forward that he is becoming.

Stepniak, Kulemen and maybe Tlusty have an upside because of their age as 3rd or second liners in the near future.

The rest are character players that Burke may keep but he likes the big North American proto-typical player so Deveaux, Foster are in that mix because they can get his nose dirty at less than a million for both they are good fiscal assets for future add-ons.

I think once they trade these guys this year ride it out with Joseph and maybe go to Europe and sign Emery to a 1 or 2 year contract as the back-up that assures the team that there will be goaltending leadership in the interim and high draft picks for this spring.

This is not a firesale as I have heard people tell me it's more of a change of personality sale because the current personalities really don't mesh like a cohesive attention to detail unit.

These moves are essential and with the gap in roster players I think they'll be fine with 2 or 3 guys from the Marlies Earl, Bell, and Newbury.

They absolutely need a big nasty tough guy to settle some of the cheap shots against the smaller Leafs because with the guys there now you don't see these being able to sustain it for the entire season.

I may be completely out of touch but my previous blog which suggested Steen and Colaiovo were going to be moved some of you thought I was out of touch I don't think so we put a lot of value on any Leaf problem is they are just parts of a greater whole and those individuals are replaceable.

I am excited to watch the transition and I haven't been this hopefull since Pat Quinn was at the helm.
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