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Saturday Morning Coffee

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Mike Richards is the new captain of the Flyers, he's young but I love the faith they have in him.

I hate when I'm behind a car with a personalized license plate and I have no clue what it says, damn that bugs me.

That being said I was behind a van last weekend and the plate said "Goatboy" Who doesn't love a guy named Goatboy.

Eric Johnson of the Blues gone for 6-9 months from a golf cart injury. That is just crap.

Watch out for the Bruins, if they get good goal tending they can win their division.

Flyers 1st round draft pick Luca Sbisa is looking great in the pre-season. it's only the pre-season Flyer fans but Philly looks like they got themselves a hell of a keeper.

I wish Hartford still had the Whalers, nobody hated the Whalers.

The Sharks have a goalie prospect named Greisse, I wish he played for the Lightning.

So my co-worker Leah and her husband Geoff were at the Jays/Yankee game this week and waited outside to get an autograph or two(They are die hard Yankee fans) A-Rod came out after the game and they asked him for an autograph,nobody was around except the two of them and he looked at them and turned and ran away, not walked he ran! Seriously what is up with him, has he gone mental. I just find that very bizarre behavior and no way to treat a fan.

FYI folks, don't wear orange and red together, they don't go.

Must be September as my only 3 non hockey game viewing shows are back on TV. In no particular order they are Californication, Dexter and Entourage.

I wonder if Lonny Bohonos came into the NHL now as a 20 year rookie how he'd do.

You would think you would see more NHL players who's career ends early for skill reasons why they wouldn't pop up a few years later as a ref or linesman?

Hill Billy Jim's favorite rock group is Black Stone Cherry. I have absolutely no clue why or how I know that.

The Sean Avery watch has started, like I said he will loose control in Dallas and things will crumble. I give it 2 months max before all hell breaks loose.

Do you think they call the Lightning goalie Mike Smith "Bubbles" If not they better.

It's hockey season and some dumb dumb rookie will try to fight Chara, some rookie always tries every year and what's the rule? Don't fight Chara or you will die. I wish they would listen to me.

The Rangers cut Petr Nedved Friday, he had 3 points in 2 exhibition games. Talk about a floater.

Why does the NHL have to change rules every year, sometimes it's best to just leave things alone.

What happens in Chicago when The Bulin Wall out plays Huet? It will happen, mark that down.

Have a great weekend hooligans.
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