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Time to Antti Up

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With rumors surrounding the Chicago organization is ready to sign Marty Turco to a 1 yr 1.5 mil contract if they decide they can't/won't afford to keep Antti Niemi, all Hawks fans will be watching this situation closely over the next 24 hours. Niemi was awarded a 1 yr, 2.75 mil contract in arbitration and with the Hawks tight cap situation, more moves will likely be in order should Chicago accept.

So is Niemi, the goalie that just won you the Stanley Cup, worth that kind of money? Even if a proven (although not in the playoffs) veteran like Marty Turco is available for a bit more than $1 million less? Absolutely. Niemi has proven he can win the big game, he can make the key saves at the key times, and most importantly has the full confidence of his teammates. Winning a Stanley Cup for them will do that for you I guess...

Take a look around at the other starting goalies in the NHL. Only ATL, BOS, COL, CLB, DET, LA, MTL, PHI, SJ, TB and WSH, so about 1/3rd of the teams have their starting goalie making less than Niemi is due for. And of those teams only Boston, Colorado and LA (and maybe Detroit) can honestly say they aren't worried in the slightest about their goaltending. And only Chris Osgood in Detroit has won a cup as a starting goalie on his team from that list, and he isn't even pencilled in to start on that team this year. So to have the opportunity to have a #1 goalie who has won you a Stanley Cup making 2.75 million a year is one you have to take, even if it requires a bit more tinkering with your roster.
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