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Ok Taylor Vs Tyler, Tambs Vs Pete. Well here we are It's Wed and well the draft is not here yet hurry up! now that that's outta the way it looks to me Edmonton Won't be trading the #1 pick unless there's a HUGE offer I know I Just Pointed out the obvious but lets have a look of whats gone on in the last 2 weeks. Edm & Bos are both saying we would be happy with either player News Flash! Boston you NEED wingers remember the Philly series you couldn't bury the Biscuit! My Beloved Oilers you Need A lot So in this case just take the best player. So let's fast forward Boston expects Edmonton to take Seguin don't get me wrong this kid will be a stud but what looks better in your driveway when you have no friends a Ferrari or and F150. Hall Is the Flash the Dynamic Scorer that has not been seen in the copper & blue in some time while Seguin Is a Great building block to future success he brings heart and hard work to a team thats lacked that. Back to My Point If Boston Really Doesn't Care then let's put a camera on Pete's face when Tambs walk up to the podium on Friday call Hall's Name get him to put on the Jersey then walk over to Boston's table and ask "How Bad Do You Want Him Now" If They Didn't care Edmonton has A True 50 goal Machine Someday and a Huge hole filled in the roster and in every Oiler fans heart. But I Suspect the Hard swallow from the Bruins Brass as they realize they have had there bluff called and now they have Tambellini's Hand on there "Pucks". I See Boston handing over the Compensation and getting there guy and Edmonton helping secure the Future of Oiler Hockey! Thx For Reading
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