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so i was playing madden on x-box live,turned out i was facing obama,i beat him..than he called the secret service on me..he wasnt nice, NY • United States • 18 Years Old • Male

Why WE suck.

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ok.the rangers are in 10th place{due to there lack of scoring and soft defense} behind atlanta{2pts}and boston/philly{4pts}the rangers schedule is easy on the way out.the last 2 games of the season are against philly .those 2 games could decide who gets the 8 spot.personally i hope the rangers dont make the play offs.i wish for this because it could mean the end of sather,the end of torts and another sniper that could net at least 30 in a season.also it could mean better d.if the rangers dont make the playoffs than they get a top 10 pick in the draft.i hope all these things happen for there sake.
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