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Blues Sign Cheechoo

Posted 9:56 PM ET | Comments 10
The Blues today signed forward Jonathan Cheechoo to a one-year, two-way contract.

Cheechoo, 30, played in 55 games last season with Worchester of the AHL, totaling 18 goals and 29 assists. The former 56-goal scorer last played in the NHL in 2009-10 with the Ottawa Senators.

Cheechoo will make $600,000 on the NHL roster, and $225,000 in the minors with Peoria of the AHL.

More to come,

Nick Boston

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July 13, 2011 8:52 AM ET | Delete
Great signing. I was surprised last year when the Blues didn't take a shot at him. It's a win-win signing. He either fills in on the 3rd or 4th line or he doesn't do anything and it costs very little cash.
July 13, 2011 1:56 PM ET | Delete
I agree with Kenon_2 you cant go wrong with this signing. It has little or no impact on the cap so why not try it out. He may find his spark again and throw in 20-30 goals or if all else fails he will be pumping gas into the charter plane :)
July 13, 2011 6:37 PM ET | Delete
Considering he's hired a trainer this offseason to work on his speed and quickness, this could turn out to be a win-win scenario. They sign a former 50-goal scorer for very cheap money, and he could end up contributing for the team in the end. The Blues this season have made a couple of nice depth signings that could turn out to be positives (Brett Sterling, Cheechoo).
July 13, 2011 9:50 PM ET | Delete
Good luck Jonathan ;) Loved his effort level in Ottawa; too bad it didn't work out.
July 14, 2011 1:29 AM ET | Delete
Obviously you don't have your facts straight. Cheechoo makes 600k in the nhl, 105k in the minors, and is guarenteed 225k. That's per Jeremy Rutherford.So, when are you going to stop pretending that your someone that can get scoops and has nhl connections, like Bluemann has suggested. This time, you didn't even get it right.
July 14, 2011 9:36 AM ET | Delete
JPL, you are an angry dude. I suggest happy music.
July 14, 2011 12:16 PM ET | Delete
Some people choose to talk bad about others who write blogs on here to make themselves feel better. I just have to laugh.
July 15, 2011 9:09 PM ET | Delete
Write a blog with your own opinions, and check your facts before you post them. Have a little journalistic integrity.
July 16, 2011 3:42 PM ET | Delete
jpl is a keyboard warrior! STFU
July 18, 2011 11:01 PM ET | Delete
maybee he will be playing with Randt Rowe again in Peoria
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