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oilers over the rainBRO

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Ok !!!! To start off with yes is says rainBRO because I didn't want to give off the wrong impression.
Secondly i am posting mostly because for some odd reason it won't let me make comments on other posts although you can clearly see i am logged in it still says you have to log in to make a comment.Ugggg Back to over the rainbro.

I am a a life long oilers fan. My parents will tell you very literally my first word was geggy yup you guessed It "Gretzky". Not Momma not Dada ... Geggy. So even though the past 10 years have moved me from Edmonton to London England And to Houston, San Antonio, Richmond Va, and Phoenix AZ i still wear my Oilers jersey while sitting on my couch yelling at my t.v. and I faithfully purchase center ice so i can watch far more games now then i ever could living in Edmonton.

I am all on board for this season to come up. Do i think these kids will storm the show and make the fools of the world for doubting them....meh. Maybe, could happen,hopefully .... ok lets be real not likely but i am all in for supporting them like there the best team that has ever walked the planet. I mean that is what true fans do right. Not like the sycophants and fair weather wieners whose comments riddle the know it all,, look at me i am so smart blogsphere we live in here on the interweb. Last year i went to every game the oilers played in phoenix with my jersey screaming and shouting and cheering and crying much to the dismay of the surrounding yote fans. Twice i got heckled in the parking lot by yote fans who i am certain have been watching hockey for 2 seasons and once it almost lead to an altercation but thanks to my wife there was once less drunk guy with a black eye that night.

Is this going to be the oilers big break out season? Who knows! These couch coaches and critics think not but come on! Positive energy transfers. Why do you think a team can lift it self up and dust it self off more often then not when the fans are going crazy. It's a positive transference of energy. Why is it so hard to play in a place that hates you. From ice level its all just noise. Transference.

I guess the point of all of this is to say warm up the rah rah voices and purchase your center ice and mini packs. Dust off the old jersey that probably says Souray or Smyth or Pronger and put it on anyways . Now i am sure i will get a thousand comments to the tune of the world isn't all sun shine and roses and all that crap but those guys can eat a but cause this is the attitude necessary to win a room. and if we can start things off by believing in this team maybe they can start off buy believing in themselves. DONE
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