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Here is a quick player by player breakdown of how the Flyers and Bruins will match up in the second round of the 2010 stanley cup playoffs.


Chris Pronger vs. Zdeno Chara

Breakdown: Even in their mid-thirties, Pronger and Chara are easily two of the elite defensemen in the NHL today. Both teams will be relying heavily on their big men to continue to be a strong force in front of their respective nets in the second round. Pronger (55 pts., +22, 25:55 TOI/G) has the edge in experience with over 150 career playoff games including a sucessful run at the cup in the 06-07 season with the ducks, a feat Chara (44 pts., +19, 25:22 TOI/G) has yet to accieve.

Analysis: Chara's unparalleled height and reach don't measure up to Pronger's superior knowledge of the game. Edge - FLYERS.

Kimmo Timonen vs Dennis Wideman

Breakdown: Both of these players exemplify their team's defensive depth and can hold down the hatch when Pronger and Chara have to come off the ice for a rare breather. Timonen (39 pts., -2, 22:52 TOI/G) and Wideman (30 pts., -14, 23:33 TOI/G) both had down seasons from the previous year but both have the skills to play great two way hockey.

Analysis: The play of these two denensemen could determine the outcome of the series. Edge - EVEN.


Mike Richards vs. Patrice Bergeron

Breakdown: Both of these forwards, despite their young age, have emerged as the leader of their respective team - be it on or off the ice. Bergeron (19 G, 33 A, 58.0 FO%, 0 PP G) was better on the draw than Richards (31 G, 31 A, 50.7 FO%, 13 PP G) whom was the greater contributor on the power play.

Analysis: Look for plenty of head-to-head action between these two olympic teammates with the edge going to whoever wants it more. Edge -EVEN.

Jeff Carter vs. Marc Savard

Breakdown: Carter (74 GP, 61 P) and Savard (41 GP, 33 P) can score with the NHL's best. Unfortunatly for the Flyers, Savard is on the way back from an injury while Carter is on his way out.

Analysis: The loss of Carter is a big blow to the Flyers who will have to make up for his scoring elsewheres in the lineup. Edge - BRUINS.

Daniel Carcillo vs. Shawn Thornton

Breakdown: Carcillo (207 PIM) and Thornton (141 PIM) both have more skill than the average NHL enforcer allowing them to pick up extra ice time when they aren't in the penalty box.

Analysis: Should be some good fights between these two. Edge - EVEN.


Brian Boucher vs. Tuukka Rask

Breakdown: Boucher (9-18-3, .899 SV%, 2.76 GAA), the traveled veteran, and Rask (22-12-5, .931 SV%, 1,97 GAA), the untested rookie, both have much to prove in the second round. Rask's great play this year enabled him to steal the starting job from last year's Vezna winner Tim Thomas. Boucher had a poor season but came up huge in the first round of the playoffs.

Analysis: The edge goes to Rask unless Booch can continue to suprise. Edge - BRUINS


The Flyers and Bruins are both struggling to find the scoring depth they enjoyed last year, but both play an incredible shut-down defensive game. The return of Marc Savard is a huge boost for the Bruins while the Flyers will suffer from the loss of Gagne, Laperierre, and Carter. Look for some low scoring contests if Boosh can stay hot for the Flyers. Prediction: FLYERS in 7.
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