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Week 18 Power Rankings

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If you haven't gotten the drill by now, here's some information... I'm doing Power Rankings. However, unlike most websites, I don't pull names out of a hat, or collect votes among "experts". I actually use a system. Mathematics. I'm aware that the hockey analysts of the world love numbers, but seem to hate math. Well... Nonetheless, here are the Week 18 Power Rankings.

Refer to the notes below if you're having difficulty understanding what each of the fields means. Post a comment if you have any questions.

Oh, and if you'd like to compare to any of the other Power Rankings out there, I'll link to a few at the bottom...

There are four figures that are involved in calculating the Power Ranking...

AVERAGE: A total that takes a simple average of the team's performance throughout the entire season. Basically, if a team continues at the exact same points-per-game pace it has until this point in the season, the figure shown in this column would be that team's point total at the end of the season.

L10 TREND: This figure looks at a team's performance over the last 10, and attempts to predict a team's final point total, based on their recent trend. In other words, using the team's points-per-game average over their last 10 games, the number of points they could earn on this tear (or lack thereof) is calculated, and added to the number of points they have already earned.

BALANCE: The "BALANCE" statistic looks at a teams performance prior to the last 10 games, because it assumes the last 10 are a "fluke", per say. As such, it figures what a team's performance through the remainder of the season will be, once they come back down from their streak (or pick back up from a losing streak). This balances out the rankings for teams that were on a tear, but have been average over a handful of games.

STREAK: This last figure is merely like bonus points. Basically, if a team is on a good (or bad) streak, they will get a slight boost (or penalty). As we all know, hockey is a game of emotion. Teams will ride streaks, and may get an extra jolt from a good streak. At the same time, a team on a losing streak may struggle a bit, due to emotion. This is a very small factor, but it is enough to break a tie.

POWER PTS: This is the sum of the four figures above, and the Power Rankings are based off of this.

Can somebody explain to me how TB dropped two spots to 6th, while on a 5-game winning streak, going 7-3-0 in their last 10? They're one of the hottest teams in the league right now, and site in 2nd place in the East... Oh, yes, and the Flyers were the hottest team in January, going 10-2, but they surrendered the top spot to Vancouver, who has gone 4-2-4 over their last 10... I fail to comprehend the logic.

Really, TSN? I expected better out of Toronto... TB sitting at 13th is simply unacceptable. Likewise, Chicago should not be 6th. They're currently 15th in the League, and BARELY hanging on to a playoff spot in the West... Tsk. Tsk.

CBS actually put together a fairly reasonable top 10 in their rankings this week. I'm legitimately impressed. One HUGE complaint, though... The Devils in 21st position? They're dead last in the league, for crap's sake!
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