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Only a few hours to go now until game 2 starts. I am pumped.

Lots to expect out of this one. Will the Sens be able to fight back or will the Ducks just keep on hitting everyone and wear down the Sens?

I really think that this is the Ducks chance. They have a great opportunity to go ahead 2-0 in the series and forcing the Sens to win 4 in 5 games. They have a lot of strong guys that are going to come out hitting and I think May put some fear into Neil the other night. It should be a great watch.


On the Leafs front, I am torn on the Sundin issue. Should he stay or should he go? After everything that I have read, it's pretty clear he wants to stay in Toronto for a couple more years then call it a career. But at what price? To me, that is the biggest issue.

Do they give him the 2-year $10 mil contract that we keep hearing about and then just deal with the same team as last year or could something different happen. Is it possible for Mats to take a pay cut for the good of the team? Lots of reports say the Leafs will make some moves and with them signing another d-man, could they be looking to move McCabe or Kubina to free up some cap space? It's hard to tell. If they want to go after a Ryan Smyth or high profile UFA, they are going to need some money.


On a non-hockey note, looks like Kobe wants a trade. Now that's a hard contract to move.

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May 30, 2007 5:33 PM ET | Delete
Hey nice to see another leafer doing a blog, i really gotta start writing one! I can't say i'm torn on the sundin issue, two years 5.75, done deal. If hes not in the leafs plans they surely can't let him walk, if thats the case they need to take his option putting him under contract for one more year and then attempt to trade him imo. But Mats has given us so much over the years and recieved a helluva lot of grief, this guy could have his pick at many teams around the league and get paid a lot more for it, his commitment and loyalty to this club is commendable and the fact that hes willing to take less money to stay shows his intentions, mats deserves two years its not a question. The least we can do is find him a decent winger to partner up with, the leafs are really gearing up for Ryan Smyth imo.Keep up the good work man.BTW are you Vancouver born and raised? For a city thats traditionally pretty hostile to the leafs its surprising to find a leafs fan, how'd that come about?
May 30, 2007 5:49 PM ET | Delete
I'm originally from the Toronto area, only moved out west about a year and half ago. You can find Leafs fans out here but a lot of people hate the Leafs but they have no real reason to. At least they never come up with a good reason.
May 31, 2007 4:22 AM ET | Delete
Yeah i never got that, don't understand the resentment, i think alot of fans of other canadian teams tend to be irked by the fact that CBC etc. really push the leafs, they get the majority of the media coverage and i guess fans of other teams kinda resent that fact, especially considering our post-season record since 67. But its down to pure ratings imo, leafs are the most popular hockey team, its a fact but thats no reason to hate on us! :)
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