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So we had the NHL Awards last night. I didn't watch them. All that I saw was from the bar after work. Honestly, I don't even get why these are on the tv. I like that awards are given out but the whole event just seems a little over the top for me.

But that's just my point of view.

As for who got what last night, most were expected. It was nice to see Vigneault win and same goes for Sid.

Lots of articles out today however he has a lot more respect now from the players and that's really what the league needs. A top star that the league can respect and that can be a good voice for the league. Maybe he'll be doing Subway commercials with Tony Parker in the future. Ha!

Now we have one more week to go until the Draft. Ugh. I do my best not to wish the summer away but it's hard sometimes. I'm hoping for something big to happen. Hopefully a few teams. That would really be something.

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