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Well Canucks fans, Mike Gillis has done it again...

The Montreal Canadiens were reportedly interested in one of our D-Men. (I'm gonna assume Edler or Tanev)

If it WAS Edler, he had a chance to shed some salary from the back end which lets be honest, we need to do. Edler IS probably the best D-man we have...BUT we have quite a few solid guys back there and Edler would get us some good prospects + picks in return. Which we need if we are to rebuild our stock of talent for the next few years.

Now if it was Tanev the salary issue is a non factor. However we would still get a solid prospect or picks, and if he wants more than we are willing to pay then why not just do it.

We have had a lack of muscle on the back end for years and my thought was that if we traded 1 d-man away we could bring in Douglas Murray to fill that hole. He would cost in the same range as Tanev probably wants but provides us with that grit that Tanev couldn't. Obviously Tanev is younger/faster but Corrado is shaping up to be in the same mold as Tanev but slightly more physical.

Well with one move, by the Canadiens signing Murray this morning, they have cancelled all that out. (smart signing for them in my opinion) And once again Gillis is left being the bridesmaid. Gillis' inability to pull the trigger will ultimately be his demise, i'm guessing in the offseason next year. He hasn't made any terrible deals (Kassian will pan out i think) but he has had some opportunity to give this team some balance on multiple occasions and has waited too long every time.

That's my rant for the morning, what do you guys think?

What is Gillis' next move?...if any...

Who do you think we should pick up, or are we good with the group we have?

Thanx for reading

Chris Roy (@C_Roy33)
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August 22, 2013 4:59 PM ET | Delete
Gillis is always striking out.
August 23, 2013 1:43 AM ET | Delete
Poorrantno offence. Taney is better then Douglas Murray. A deal could still be done.
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