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So Ek says Ken Hitchcock is willing to do whatever it takes to get Hank and Danny out of Vancouver. Not likely to happen but it's a fun thought. But for 2 players of their calibre, St.Louis WILL have to pay pretty heavily.

IF it was to happen what is a fair price?

I for one have loved Chris Stewart's game for a long time.

He fills that RW hole we have, along with that grit/goal scoring player we've been looking for. He'd be a good player for Kassian to model his game after.

I don't know if St.Louis would be willing to give him up but...Ty Rattie

Ty Rattie is an elite prospect so prying him away from the Blues for 2 players on the downslope of their careers is a long shot. Unless they think their window for a cup is NOW. Rattie would give us an elite scoring NHL winger in about 2 years. Which should be around the time Gaunce and Horvat are coming in. Securing a deadly 2nd or 3rd line.

Because of Rattie's potential I don't think the Blues would want to include any draft picks in this deal but I think a 1st or 2nd just because of Hank/Danny's production/hardware.

Vancouver fans may strongly disagree and say that is a huge under-payment but keep in mind we are trying to shed some salary here and their numbers will be dropping any year now. Add to that, the fact that they DISAPPEAR in the playoffs (our achilles heel lately) I am ok with this on paper. We get younger, bigger and shed a few dollars to sign our prospects. We lose some point production but get to round out our game a bit and bulk up for playoffs. Call it a "semi-rebuild" Which based on our playoff performance lately, needs to be done.



Stewart/Rattie/1st Rd Pick

Over payment/Under-payment?

Who would you like to see us get from the Blues?

Thanx 4 reading,

Chris Roy
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