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The Price is right??

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Carey Price has been used as a scapegoat for this Montreal Canadiens team. Ever since the ever contreversial trade of Jaroslav Halak to St Louis Price has been tabed as the number one netminder by Pierre Gauthier. This tactic though has obviously backfired as Price has yet to sign a contract. Word out there is that Price wants 3 years at 3 million plus and Montreal wants 2 at 2-2.5million. To make matters worse, Gauthier traded Desjardins who was very underrated for Kari Ramo who will most likely never play a game in a habs jersey. Price you wanted to be number one well now you got it. Whats the holdout? The wise thing for Price to do would be to sign a 1 or 2 year deal for around 2 million and provwe himself hes worth a 5 year multy million dollar extension. There are definetly some external factors too like the pressure,the fans, the expectations. There is a defint possibility Price dosent want to play here. To be fair to Price the fans have treated him very unfairly hasw they blamed Price when things weren't going well and booed him when he made a simple save. The kid is still young he still got lots of time to develop dont loose hope on Price, her will be a star in this league. Wheter that's with Montreal or not only time will tell. Last season he did give up some bad goals but to his defence he did have a good PCT of912% and most of the time he had no goal support. Now with Alex Auld Price is assured a good 60 starts. This is the year that Price must forget about the pass and prove himself to Habs mania that the Price is right.
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