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2011-2012 Ducks

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Hello everyone,
I am currently a college student at Montana State University, but am origionally from San Dimas, Ca and was born and raised a Ducks fan. I live and breath Ducks hockey during the NHL season, ask any one of my room mates or people that have lived a floor below me. Anyways I would love to start writing a blog on the Ducks, to express my joy and frustrations about the season as it goes along, however I would like some feed back about how many people would read this Ducks blog.

Now to the Ducks. Our season is upon us, after splitting games in Finland and Sweden, where I was particularly impressed with the newly formed third line of Gordon, Cogliano, and DSP, and happy to see Hiller return to his old form. This new young third line could provide the Ducks with some much needed depth scoring. Anyone who has watched the Ducks since the 07' cup win has definitely notice the lack of depth scoring from the 3rd and 4th lines. This new line should really provide some more offense for the ducks. Obviously we have arguably the best top two lines in the NHL with the RPG line, and the veteran line of koivu, selanne, and blake. Look for that second line to have a big say in whether or not the Ducks go deep into the post season as all of those guys are nearing retirement. I certainly expect them to have a big year. I would also anticipate the RPG line improving on their numbers. If Getzy and Ryan gained a little motivation from Perry's outstanding run last year look out teams, the RPG line is gonna be big. As for the D: The Ducks D is way under rated. I mean come on Beauchamen fits perfect with Fowler, a duo that eerily reminds me of Niedermyer and Beauchamen in 07'. Then you have Visnovsky who should have been a Norris trophy candidate last year, and Lyudman who was the leagues +/- leader last year. And of course there is Brookbank and Sbisa who are constantly improving on their play. I think the Kings will be a force to be reckoned with but look for the Ducks to come out in the top echelon in the West.

Let me know if I should keep writing.

Best thing about this blog is that for those Ducks fans that read Matt Barry's awesome blogs all the time about the Kings but wish there was someone to argue for the Ducks......I AM HERE.

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