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In the wake of recent discussions regarding fighting in the NHL, I feel I have to voice my opinion on to why it is so important in this league. The action of throwing down the fist cuffs and landing some hay makers on another human beings' face is certainly violent and dangerous, but not to that degree in hockey. This sport has lain its foundation on selling an up-pace, ag...
mshannelly writes...

The Omerta of Depression

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
We've heard it before. We reacted the same each and every time. It may have been a family member, friend, co-worker, or anyone in our lives. You hear stories about the son of so-and-so who was found hanging in the kitchen, or whats-her-name's dad turned the car on in the garage and went to sleep. Every time the reaction is the same. Yet, it keeps happening. We hav...


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