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This Ottawa-Buffalo series is going to be an exciting one. Geographically, Leaf fans could easily get their hockey fix being smackdab in between these 2 towns. At the same time, it's easy for Leaf fans to hate both these teams. Do you hate the team that crushed your Cup dreams some years ago, or do you hate the team who brags about crushing your dreams, yet never has? Dani...
A snapshot of the Ottawa record since the lockout is revealing. 2005-06: 52-21-9, 113 pts, 314 gf 211 ga, 1st place East 2006-07: 48-25-9, 105 pts, 288 gf 221 ga, 4th place East 2007-08: 43-31-8, 94 pts, 261 gf 247 ga, 7th place East 2008-09: 13-17-5, 31 pts, 83 gf 100 ga, 12th place East (after 35GP) which can be projected as 30-40-12, 72 pts, 194 gf, 234 ga...
In an apparent attempt to apply pressure the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and more specifically presiding Judge Redfield T. Baum to rule in his favor, Jim Balsillie has submitted an amended proposal to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. The amended proposal sets a deadline of September 14th for Judge Baum to accept Balsillie’s bid of $212.5 million for the team. He also asks that Ju...


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