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Alright, folks. I've predicted players stats for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens. Now I'm going to the Buffalo Sabres, a team I have lots of respect for and holds a distant #2 to my Leafs. The following is a prediction blog of the players on the Buffalo Sabres and how much goals and points I think they will accumulate. *NOTE*: I'm just assuming everyone p...
With the 07-08 season on the rise, I wanted to post my predictions on the top 30 players in the league for scoring. I bet you can bet who is first on the list, I'd be totally and utterly insane not to put him there. NOTE: I'm just going to assume everyone plays 82 games. But it ain't happening and I already know that, amigo's. [u][b]Top 30 Scoring Leaders:[/b][/u] 1...


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