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Giroux writes...

The Flyers and Free Agency

Posted Monday | Comments 0
100 mile per hour slap shot. Hopefully this will help move us in the right direction. The Flyers are on the road to strengthening their hurting defense in the acquisition of Kurtis Foster. He fills the Flyers need for a sixth defenseman and brings some different skills to the Flyers’ defense. Foster has bounced around the league quite a bit due to injuries which make...
Brayton writes...

NHL Safety Issues: What To Do?

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
During the preseason, the NHL has tried to make the game more safe for the players. The NHL is currently testing [b]hybrid-icing[/b], and have cracked down on [b]taking helmets off before a fight[/b]. But is the NHL really doing enough to make the game more safe? When it comes to it, it is basically a crapshoot. It seems like no one can predict what the NHL wi...


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