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Miss11 writes...

Happy French Connection Day!

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
It’s 7-14-11, and to Buffalo Sabres Fans, that can only mean one thing – It is FRENCH CONNECTION day. The numbers 7, 14, and 11 hang grouped together in the rafters of HSBC arena in tribute to three hockey players who were arguably one of the greatest line combinations in NHL history. With the late Richard Martin (#7) at left wing (Rest in Peace, Rico), Re...
As I sit and think about what I should be watching on a Tuesday night, (Sabres vs Senators), I’ve been scrolling through pictures of games that I’ve been at. I got to thinking about what games I’ve been to, and what games I wish I was at. I figured I’d break this up into 2 questions. 1. What’s the best hockey game(s) that you ever went to? and 2. What game(s)...


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