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nfph writes...

What would ya say...ya do here?

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
[img]http://www.thehdcrowd.com/screenshots/office_space_25.png[/img] With the anticipated passing of the scepter, er sword, whatever, from TommyG to Terry Pegula, Sabres fans are licking their chops at the prospect of ditching our itinerant king for one that will give a flying you know what about the affairs of state at the foot of Washington Street. Thanks for the save...
KevinJames writes...

Pegula's Impact

Posted Saturday | Comments 0
Ding Dong, the witch is dead! The Sabres have been sold and all will be right with the world! This is the current sentiment in the Sabres fan base. Change is coming, this is undeniably true. But when, who and how much has yet to be determined. Many believe new owner Terry Pegula to be a mythical owner from heaven sent to overspend and create a new Stanley Cup dynasty ...
Well, Terry Pegula did it. The Buffalo Sabres newest owner acquired the team from Tom Golisano and will take over on February 22nd, less than one week away from the NHL trade deadline. This should be an interesting situation. Pegula may try to make a splash and please the fan base. He may be content to play Darcy-puck and sit still at the deadline. Only time will tell...


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