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MisterC writes...

Making Things Whole

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
I used to be a member of this site about 2 years ago, but mostly it was to troll the heck out of Eklund (and I still do believe he pulls a lot of things out of his backside), and then I grew up. The latest news on the Hockey Front has been the NHLPA wanting their Contracts to be "Made Whole", which from any standpoint it should be done like this. A lot of the GM's spent...
As we all await (some eagerly, some for morbid curiosity) news of how the latest round of negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA have gone, I thought I'd discuss an oft-mentioned point in both the 2005 CBA and this year's CBA's discussions: the Players Share of HRR. Many people have asked why various items aren't included in HRR, ranging from game-used merchandise to p...


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