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Ok so I am posting this a few days after the appointment of Hull and Jackson as interim co-general managers in Dallas. This whole interim co-GM thing seems to me that Hicks wants Jackson to train Hull so that Hull can take over as the man in Dallas. I don’t mind Hull as a co-gm as long as he is just the sideline guy that is there to learn the position. Jackson has been i...
Excuse me for thinking this whole thing sounds extremely fishy. Here's a quick chronology: 1.) Sean Avery opens his mouth and tries to bait a Flames player into a tabloid war (again). He makes the claim that NHL players are after his "sloppy seconds" - which in a couple of cases, is actually correct. 2.) The media goes to Marty Turco, the maligned goaltender wh...
frankster writes...

No New from Niewendyk

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Trade deadline was flatline in Big D. Broke people can only window shop or hit the thrift store. A team who has no chips can come to the table to play. No extra draft picks no surplus of young talent. Game over. Stars GM Joe Niewendyk pays for his predecessors mistakes ( Sean Avery , Ladaslov Nagy, etc ) and a tight budget. Probably could have got a low pick for Alex Auld ...


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