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gkmkiller writes...

How Columbus Can Contend

Posted Sunday | Comments 1
I’m sure the first question many of you are asking yourselves is why I, a passionate Rangers fan, am writing a blog on MYHB about the Columbus Blue Jackets. In my nearly four years of contributions on this site I can only think of one time I wrote about a team or a player of another team that was in no way related to the Rangers. So why start now? I have a couple of rati...
[b]February 16, 2013[/b] [u][i]Maple Leafs 3, Ottawa Senators 0[/i][/u] Did I say Ottawa Senators at the top? I meant to say the Binghamton Senators, as the visitors were playing without several of its key players like Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza, Peter Regin and Guillaume Latendresse. Well perhaps maybe not so much the last two names listed above, but definitely...


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