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Marchant, Pahlsson, Rob Neidermayer, Moen, Miller, Bertuzzi, and MacDonald - It is time for you to stand up and be counted. You comprise the 2nd and 3rd lines of the Ducks and your lack of scoring is killing this team. We are 33 games into the season and you have very little to show for it. Do you expect your first liners to win every game for you? Some of you guys pla...
It's been widely reported that Ryan Getzlaf underwent surgery in Philadelphia for a lingering sports' hernia, but the O.C. Register is now reporting that Getzlaf could miss the start of training camp. [url]http://ducks.freedomblogging.com/2009/08/03/ducks-getzlaf-could-miss-start-of-camp/16991/[/url] Will this hurt the Ducks start to the season? As the article notes,...


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