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I am not going to go crazy about the Islanders draft or their free agent signings to this point because I am somewhat encouraged by what has gone down over the last few weeks. Garth Snow is nothing but honest. He said he would do things to facilitate the rebuilding process and help the club wins some more games. He did, albeit on a minor level. As currently constituted, I ...
*Disclaimer: The following is a purely hypothetical and fictional re-creation of the summer of 2008. It is unknown to me whether any of that summer’s UFA’s that I bind to the Rangers now would have signed with New York then for the same terms which they signed with their actual teams. It seems to me that the wrong Glen was in charge of the New York Rangers in the su...
Will it be Mark Streit? Kyle Okposo? John Tavares? Or could it possibly be some else? Head over to my post at The Checking Line for a look at who might be next to captain the New York Islanders. http://t.co/J8juNlB -Rob McGowan Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/IslesRM
Yesterday the Islanders announced the new captain of the team, but there was also something else to report: a new proposal for the Nassau Coliseum. Head over to The Checking Line to read more: http://thecheckingline.com/blog/rob-mcgowan/new-york-islanders/isles-files-new-captain-new-arena-proposal -Rob McGowan Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/IslesRM
Rob McGowan brings you the post-game report at The Checking Line as the Islanders have been shutout for the sixth time this season http://thecheckingline.com/blog/rob-mcgowan/new-york-islanders/still-without-power-island-isles-lose-1-0-devils -Rob McGowan Follow our Isles staff on Twitter! http://twitter.com/TCLIsles
cmr.266 writes...

Flyers Offseason Outlook

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Coming off a wildly disappointing season that saw Philadelphia miss the playoffs for the first time since 2007, we all knew that Paul Holmgren would have his hands full this summer. With the cap dropping $6M and the Flyers already needing to shed a hefty contract just in order to be compliant, Homer is stuck with a tricky deck to work with. So what's in the cards with P...


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