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metalfro44 writes...

10 Most Wanted...or Hated

Posted Friday | Comments 0
'Tis the season to speak of free agent signings, and speculation about where the Nashville/Hamilton/Kansas City Predators will end up playing next year. I wish to take a break from this babbling and take on a more serious issue... the players that I (and hopefully after reading) you absolutely HATE. I have found ten players that I loath with every part of my soul. Let's ge...
jammer21 writes...

Why ESPN needs the NHL

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
Sure, we all know that the NHL could use the national exposure on ESPN. But why does ESPN need the NHL? Because ESPN is terrible. Think about all the "sports" programming that airs in place of hockey: I'll admit, the World Series of Poker was entertaining for about a day and a half...in 2003. Yet, the number of times I've seen poker reruns exceeds the number of ti...


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