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This is a two part post, first my I explain why the Wild take the 07-08 Stanley Cup Championship. The second I will highlight my first game day mock game, for this I will be playing against the opponent scheduled (today the Hawks) in a hopeful (or today, not so hopeful) representation of todays game. Over the last few years the Wild have taken a good approach to signing ...
Jon Jordan writes...

Hurry Up and Wait!

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Another fantastic Islander win Saturday night, this time in OT against the rival Devils, has Islander nation buzzing with excitement. Personally, I went to bed with a huge smile on my face after Bill Guerin's OT winner, just [i][b]completely [/b][/i]unable to wait for the next game! This wasn't a back to back weekend, though, so no game Sunday ... No Islanders to riv...
Like many gamers, I have been waiting on the roster update for NHL 08. We all assumed it would be out in a reasonable time. Well it has finally come out [b]3 weeks after the trade deadline[/b] and it's full of glitches. Systems lock up, connections drop, and lineups are full of holes. The Stars, my favorite team, and the Sharks (the other team in the Pacific) only have...


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