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The NHL and NHLPA have reached a point of potentially experiencing a second NHL lockout in less than a decade. There are significant losers if this does happen, and very limited winners as well. So, why has it not been resolved? That's for both parties to figure out, but it seems the difference in desires for the new CBA will continue to hinder the possibility o...
Jeremy Laura writes...

The fight inside the NHLPA

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Frank Seravalli wrote a good piece regarding the NHLPA potential opt out of the current CBA https://www.tsn.ca/nhlpa-weighing-risks-of-poking-the-bear-1.1360531 It reads pretty much as I expected. Escrow is the thorn in the players side. 12.5% of paychecks gone back to the league. It’s a bizarre groupon that the league owners managed to acquire with the revenue split of...


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