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Check out my piece at The Checking Line discussing the Isles actions thus far in Free Agency! And if you're not already a member, sign up! It's free and there are plenty of blogs to read covering all topics around the league. Or check out the Fan Forum where you can share your thoughts as well! http://thecheckingline.com/blog/rob-mcgowan/new-york-islanders/grading-isles...
Check out my post at The Checking Line, talking about the Isles current roster and how I see them producing! Register and leave comments! http://thecheckingline.com/blog/rob-mcgowan/new-york-islanders/your-2011-new-york-islanders And also, check out my post at The Hockey Writers, taking a look at the remaining NHL Free Agents and whom I think the Isles should target!...
Check out my blog over at The Checking Line discussing Jon Sim's contract renewal with the New York Islanders! Register and leave comments!! They are ALWAYS appreciated, whether positive or negative! http://thecheckingline.com/blog/rob-mcgowan/new-york-islanders/isles-take-simple-route -Rob McGowan Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/IslesRM
------- Preface: Everyone can feel free to bark and scream at the title to this blog post, but if you manage to read through this long-winded explanation then you will begin to understand (and appreciate) its meaning. ------- I'll start by saying this is one of my days of the year (behind Trade-Deadline Day, in which I have been "sick" my fair share to watch the entire ...


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