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Boltsgirl41922 writes...

Stats - just numbers

Posted Friday | Comments 0
Before yesterday's atrocity, Marty Brodeur had played in 153 NHL playoff games. Out of those 153 games, he had 89 victories, and 21 shutouts. Over that time, he had a 1.88 goals against average. We on the other hand, had Holmqvist, Denis, and Ramo. Before the game began, they had combined for all of 0 NHL playoff games, 0 wins, and 0.00 save percentage. Very c...
[img]http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee162/JHRIV/hanson2.jpg?t=1207231935[/img] [u][b]You know it's time for playoff hockey when...[/b][/u] * You've stocked up on enough Molson, Export Ale and Labatts to keep the '84 Oilers feeling no pain for the next year and you remember that the Canadian border is over 1,000 miles away but you figure you could still make it th...


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