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I bet you're wondering what I am talking about and saying to yourself "No one uses Time on Ice as a strategy for fantasy Hockey...." In my league we have just announced a statistic that will now become a strategy for our hockey team owners. This has been worked out to detail and such but is still actually being worked on to tweak out the bugs. Who played the most in the...
mr.t writes...

The Horcoff Debate

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
This blog will basically break down a bunch of numbers associated with Shawn Horcoff since the lock-out, and look at comparable players/contracts. [u][b]Horcoff since the lockout:[/b][/u] 09/10: 11P/23GP =0.48P/GP Playing injured, now w/o Hemsky 08/09: 53P/80GP =0.66P/GP Roughly 0.7 07/08: 50P/53GP =0.94P/GP Roughly 1 06/07: 51P/80GP =0.64P/GP Roughly 0.7 05/06: 73...


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