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HyeDray writes...

A Page From "The Architect"

Posted Monday | Comments 0
Bill Torrey had a difficult job in 1972. He was the General Manager of the expansion New York Islanders, graced with the blessings of several excellent draft years to come. But the difficult part had to be the other 16 GMs burning his ears with trade offers for his early draft choices. Torrey was smart. He held on to his picks despite the temptations to play "lets make ...
mage23 writes...

[2007-09-28] Today's Camp Blog

Posted Saturday | Comments 0
Ryan Garner covered a good deal of what I was going to post in his entry today ([url]http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=9713[/url]), so I'll just hit on a few other things. Craig Rivet missed the majority of contact drills today, as he did yesterday, only coming out to skate with the power skating coach at the end of practice. He is definitely working very hard...


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