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Of all the incredulous statements made on Thursday night (and there were a slew of them on both sides), one of the most striking was Bill Daly’s comment that a 5-year limit on contract lengths is “a hill we’re willing to die on.” It’s amazing that of all the things the owners could say they absolutely must have – of the things they say “we can’t leave home...
Jeremy Laura writes...

The fight inside the NHLPA

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Frank Seravalli wrote a good piece regarding the NHLPA potential opt out of the current CBA https://www.tsn.ca/nhlpa-weighing-risks-of-poking-the-bear-1.1360531 It reads pretty much as I expected. Escrow is the thorn in the players side. 12.5% of paychecks gone back to the league. It’s a bizarre groupon that the league owners managed to acquire with the revenue split of...


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