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Number23 writes...

ATTENTION Flyers fans!!!

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
Hey, Flyers fans! I'm looking to get a group together to go out and watch the Home Opener on Saturday night, October 13th (naturally, that's if you're not already going [i]to[/i] the game). In these early stages so far, it's [b]me[/b] and my wife, [b]jsaquella[/b] and his wife (my wife's sister, btw), and [b]steal_your_faceoff[/b], with the possibility of siblings an...
I've chosen a spot to meet to watch the Home Opener October 13th: Champps 25 Rt 73 S. Marlton, NJ I figure we'll meet up around 6pm, to get ready prior to the drop of the puck. I'm also thinking of doing this again on Saturday, Oct.27, for the road game against Boston!


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