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nmhen writes...

Lucky Lunch - Take 1

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
We all know hockey players are superstitious. And goalies are especially goofy. I'm a goalie in beer league hockey, and I certainly have my own little rituals and stuff before and during games. As such, I will document my endeavor to find a game day lunch that brings a victory for the Wild that night during this playoff run. I recognize the responsibility I have in t...
nmhen writes...

Lucky Lunch - Take 2

Posted Friday | Comments 0
One man's search for culinary kismet continues after an initial failure. Game 1 Main dish: Some goody-two-shoes health food garbage. Result: Wild loss, 2-1 Game 2 Fajita burrito (chicken) Black beans guacamole/salsa and chips diet Pepsi
nmhen writes...

Lucky Lunch - Take 4

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
Hoping to help his team play with poise via palate pleasing panache, one fan's story. Game 1 Main course: who cares? Result: 2-1 loss Game 2 Main course: doesn't matter Result: 3-2 loss Game 3 Main course: Subway double dip Result: 2-1 loss Game 4 Main course: Italian cold cut hero from Samantha's Deli Prosciutto Salami Pepperoni lettuce (shredde...
nmhen writes...

Lucky Lunch - Take 4 redux

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
Will consistency bring continued gastric glory or will a repeat sandwich usher in the off-season? Games 1-3 Main courses: DOESN'T MATTER Results: DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT Game 4 Main course: Italian cold cut sandwich, Doritos, Sprite Result: 5-1* win for the Wild Game 5 Had this one on stand-by since the final horn on Tuesday night. Italian cold ...


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