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MrBigglesworth writes...

Mr Big's Playoff Picks

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
EAST -------------- 114 Bruins 106 Devils 105 Caps 101 Flyers 98 Pens 97 Canes 94 Rags 92 Panthers ----------------- 91 Habs Bruins vs Panthers = Bruins in 6 Devils vs Rangers = Devils in 5 Caps vs Canes = Caps in 5 Flyers vs Penguins = Flyers in 7 (Yens vs Yoos = YOOS WIN!) Bruins vs Flyers = Flyers in 6 Devils vs Caps = Caps in 7 Fl...
OK, I know the playoffs are around the corner and everyone is all hyped up about that. However, I already gave my playoff picks a couple weeks ago, and,,,, I figure now is as good a time as any to look ahead and give my 2 cents for next seasons lineup, since my predictions came very close last time. Heres whats gunna happen, and, yes, you can quote me this, cuz its mon...


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