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[i]("A Message From Gary Bettman" flashes across the screen. Happy muzak plays, cartoon bunnies frolic beneath the text. A smiley sun beams down on them from above. Fade up on...)[/i] BETTMAN [i](sitting at a desk, wearing a suit and a "Versus" cap. He speaks in an ingratiating singsong voice)[/i]: Hi there, friends! Please, relax! I've brought a present. You see, we at...
So here it is, long-delayed and much fussed-over, the sequel to "Captain Crosby and the Penguins of Tomorrow." As an author's note, I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed a kind word or link to the first entry, including Seth Rorabaugh over at Empty Netters. For the uninitiated, please read the first part of the script first. Comments, as always, are welcome. ...


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