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[b]The gunslinger strikes again.[/b] In typical Paul Holmgren style, the Flyers acquired defender Danny Syvret from the Oilers for center Ryan Potulny. Hockey is business and this trade was about each team believing that they traded-up to what they think could potentially pay off most for them in the future. [b]From a Flyers perspective, it was just a matter of time ...
ladynic writes...

I am not the only one wondering

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Apparently I am not the only one wondering why the Flyers have not re-signed defenseman Danny Syvret. http://lfpress.ca/cgi-bin/publish.cgi?p=271224&x=articles&s=knights We have seen that Flyers sign quite a few players in the last few weeks and I think that this article that I have linked above brings up the best of the points. Syvret is ours and we don'...


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