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I listen to sports talk shows and read hockey blogs and almost unanimously -- Penguin fans instst we need a scoring winger...or two...to get this team to where it needs to be. There is no agruing the Pens would be a better team with at least one "more proven" goal scorer on the roster. But, if you are like the majority of people that think that's why the Pens are h...
If you creep around Flames forums and sites as much as I do, it's not rocket science to notice the majority of Flames fans think there's another major trade coming from the the bizzare mind of Darryl Sutter; if not "major", then at least a few minor tweaks. Let's look at where the Flames are at right now, and where they need to be... Right now, the Flames are sitting at...
The cupboard is stocked with fantasy talent at the wings. As you prepare for your fantasy draft, be sure to know you league's system. Some leagues group wingers together, others discern between left and right wing, and others still group all offense together. If your league drafts by position, be sure to focus on the left wing position. Aside from the elite (Ovechkin/S...


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