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AHL Exceptional Player rule

Posted February 19, 2016
With the advancement of coaching in the world over the last 10 years, the united states of america's vastly improving hockey development and influx of young fan's. I propose an AHL exceptional player status for some of these kids deveoping. I will use the example of Mitch Marner, Mitch is clearly done everything he can do in the OHL on the London Knights. He is dominant and ready to play... Read More »

Leafs have edge On Stamkos pending UFA

Posted January 25, 2016
Should Stamkos elect to explore being a UFA and his agent is clearly smart enough to realize that is in his best interest. The leafs will have a significant advantage in negotiating. This is where the financial muscle of the leafs will come in very handy, not only could they bring in a home town talent, but arguably the greatest free agent in modern hockey. To do this Babcock would have to... Read More »

Brain drain

Posted January 14, 2016
Just a few thoughts on whats happening in the NHL: 1: I wouldn't trade much for Drouin, as he has done little to prove himself at the NHL level and has already asked for a trade. I see a prima donna. 2: Elated to see Tallon and the Panthers rewarded and succeeding. 3: Get tired of leafs fans over valuing anyone who wears blue and white. 4:Wish Damien Cox would stop talking, he has... Read More »

Block this Buster

Posted January 4, 2016
If Stevie Y wants to prove to Stamkos he is serious about winning a cup he has to show it now, and there is no better trade bail that the enigmatic Drouin. Every team in the league is going to kick tire's on this kid. Here is a thought on how Stevie Y could show Stammer he is serious, save a bit of cap space next year to sign Stammer and take a solid run at the cup: To Toronto: Jonathan Dr... Read More »

What to expect in the new year

Posted December 23, 2015
History, speech and statements tell us that the new leafs regime covets prospects and picks. I believe after the last draft picks are running high on value in leafland. Hunter is an astute judge of talent and is showing that he trust placed in him is well worth it. So what will management do in the new year and who will be gone, who will stay? Morgan Reilly is off the discussion list, so h... Read More »


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