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In this blog I will be examining and breaking down, the trades that the Toronto Maple Leafs President and General Manager, Brian Burke has made. I will provide brief anaylisis for each deal, and examine what the club got, and what they gave a way. I will only be examining trades of a certain level of significance. Unless everyone would like to me to regail in Burke's magnificent maneuvering in... Read More »
[b]LEAFS LOSE[/b] Francois Beachemin Kris Versteeg Tomas Kaberle Mikhail Stefanovich 7th Round conditional pick *It hurts to see Kaberle go, but it was inevitable. Weird to think now, that the longest serving Leafs currently on our roster are Kulemin and Grabovski. As for Kris Versteeg, it was never really working out. He fits a team like cup contender like Philadelphia where he doesn't h... Read More »


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