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Making the assumption that Darcy Regier has stopped tinkering, and by tinkering I mean doing it with a sledgehammer, the Sabres have their team set for the 2011-12 NHL season. The only exceptions to this being signing Enroth, Gragnani, and Weber. The final spot on the roster I probably foresee being designated to bringing up one of the forwards from Rochester. Luke Adam has some experience in the... Read More »
Assuming they re-sign Enroth, Weber, Gragnani, and bring up either Kassian or Adam to fill the final roster spot: Vanek - Roy - Stafford Ennis - Leino - Pominville Gerbe - Gaustad - Boyes Hecht - McCormick - Kaleta Kotalik, Kassian/Adam Regehr - Leopold Ehrhoff - Gragnani Myers - Weber Morrisonn Miller Enroth Read More »


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